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Mike McCready

59 strat fender

McCready is known to use all sorts of different guitars now but when Pearl Jam first came out he was using mostly Fender Stratercasters.  Recently he’s also been using Gibson Les Pauls and Les Paul Juniors.

For the strats he’s used vintage and modern, even including left-handed starts with reversed strings with a sllanted bridge pickup would have more treble on the lower strings, as opposed to the intended higher strings

Mike McCready's second most used guitar is a Gibson Les Paul. He now uses it for live performances of "Alive", "Brain of J." (from Yield), and "Given to Fly", among others. He also plays Telecasters on live performances of “Save You" (from Riot Act), “World Wide Suicide" (from Pearl Jam), and "Marker in the Sand", among others. A Gibson ES-335 is used for live performances of “Faithfull".

Throughout his career McCready has changed his pedalboard and guitar amplifiers many times. This list includes his current setup:



  • Dunlop Crybaby
  • Hughes & Kettner Rotosphere
  • TS9 Tube Screamer
  • Fulltone Distortion Pro
  • DD-2 Digital Delay
  • Line 6 DL-4
  • Line 6 MM-4


  • 1959 Fender Twin Tweed Head
  • 1959 Fender Bassman Tweed 4x12 Cab
  • various vintage Orange Amps

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