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Paul Sidoti of Taylor Swift's Band

Kramer Pacer

Kramer Pacer Shown Above

Paul Sidoti, A self confessed KISS fan is the guitar player behind country pop sensation Taylor Swift.   Paul moved to Nashville in 2000 and met up with singer songwriter Dickey Lee among others who introduced him to the people at Universal Music Publishing where he now co-writes with various writers.  

Before playing with Taylor Swift, Paul has also shared the stage with Eric Carmen, The Raspberries, Bryan White and many others.

Some equipment we've spotted Paul with are Bad Cat Amplifiers, EVH Artist Guitars, A homemade EVH Kramer and a custom Kramer Pacer shown below.   Pics shown are from his myspace page.

You can view his current tour schedule at

Paul Sidoti's guitars

Custom Kramer Pacer

Gibson Les Paul Standard

EVH Charvel Artist 

Homemade EVH Kramer guitar

Others pictures but cannot confirm models at this time (acoustic and semi hollow)

Paul's Amps

Bad Cat Lil' 15

Bad Cat Lil' 40

Paul's Pedals

Line 6 DL4

MXR Phase 90

MXR Dyna Comp

Line 6 Echo Park

Crybaby Wah Wah

Xotic AC Booster

Xotic RC Booster

TC Electronic Stereo Chorus

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